osage bush bow 55#/28″ (No. 31)

This stave had a natural grown ‘knee’ nearly in the middle with lots of curly grain (3 knots) in that area, therefore I decided to go for a stiff handle asymmetrical r/d bow with very short fades.
The lower limb came out of the knee in a tangential way – I heated in the same angle as the upper was by nature. Some side corrections were necessary with dry heat.
This was a class B stave, but interesting. It had lots of drying cracks (vertically) going through the entire limb. I taped the back and filled them from the bellyside with thin super glue (really great stuff!). Needed lot of glue!

The handle got some carving (no leather intended) for finger position, also a inlay tone in tone as an arrow pass.

Tip overlay is grey dyed maple soaked in super glue.
String 6 strands of 452X

Length: 55″ ntn

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