Osage deflex/reflex 61# 32”(No. 100)

This bow was in the fuming pipe for about a week and the result was a very nice multi colored appearance. The early wood rings took much more of the fuming. At a specific light angle there is a wonderful 3d effect in the wood, looks like black / brown strokes are laying in a transparent gold. Sorry, the pics show only an impression. The back was prepared with osage soup (solution from sawdust, tanning acid and alcohol) which brought an almost black color. After light sanding I got the desired matching color.

Design is a deflex/reflex, sharp deflex immediately after the fades. Reason for that was, I always wanted to try that and I wanted a bow which can be drawn further than my normally 28” – just to train my shooting style. The stave took some effort to correct and balance out, unfortunately there were lots of cracks and wind checks (ring delamination). Most of them were avoidable, you can see one filled (with thin super glue -after the fuming!) crack near the arrow pass inlay. The steamed in recurves are working a bit. Cross section at fades is a crowned belly. Tapering into rectangular midlimb and he last 5 inches are a 5 edge (belly ridge). This design has no stack at all, wonderful smooth draw.

The overlays on tips and handle are bone and horn (both buffalo). Arrow pass inlay is also bone.



ntn: 61”

bh: 6½”

max w: 1⅝”

mass: 690 grams


stiff handle

net reflex: 1½”

10”: 10,3

12”: 16,8 (+ 6,5)

14”: 21,9 (+ 5,1)

16”: 26,6 (+ 4,7)

18”: 31,0 (+ 4,4)

20”: 35,4 (+ 4,4)

22”: 39,9 (+ 4,5)

24”: 44,4 (+ 4,5)

26”: 48,7 (+ 4,3)

28”: 52,9 (+ 4,2)

30”: 57,0 (+ 4,1)

32”: 61,0 (+ 4,0)









Hi Simon,

I already posted comments on PA but thought I would come here and see the high definition pictures. What a beautiful bow this is! I like really everything about it, the handle is gorgeous, the shape is graceful and functional at the same time and the stats are impressive. I think you hit it out of the park with this one, certainly fitting for your #100.

I think you should make some fitting arrows with the same colouration for this bow, it deserves it!

All the best,


Hi simon, i really love your bows and this one is awesome! May i ask you where you purchase your osage stave, because ordering them from usa is quite expensive… any dealer in europe may be . I live north est of France not far away from the border of Germany. I thank you in advance primitive neighbour, keep up the good work and continue to show us your beauties !!!

Hi Simon, you sure put all the love you got in your works! May I ask you if induced the deflex out of the handle with steam or dry heat ? Keep up inspiring us amateurs ,Regards.

Hi Ricardo, nice to hear from you again and glad you still surfing my site.
Your Q.: The deflex is induced with dry heat (electronic heat gun). I use paraffin oil to prevent over heating/burning the wood. Paraffin oil is cheap at IKEA.
Good luck with your projects!

Hi Stephan,
thanks! Yep, come on, build your own – it is a great feeling building your equipment with your own hands.

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