Osage flat with leather lacing wrap handle 66#/28″ (No. 139)

This bow comes from a super straight flawless stave with very regular rings (look at the fades). So I decided to leave the side profile as it was and it was good. The bow is extra light by mass and is very fast, although it hasn’t much reflex or recurves.

It is tillered to bend more in the inner halves. The outers are working, but act more like levers like on a møllegabet. The cross section is a rectangle.

The handle got a wrapping of black leather lacing which is inlayed (incised) at the sides and at the belly. Arrow pass is bone. Tip overlays are buffalo horn and have a whole for a string keeper. Silencers are otter fur, tiny – but effective.

dw/dl: 66#/28”

ntn: 62”

bh: 5½”

max. w.: 2⅜ “

reflexn: ¾”

mass: 538 gram


08”: 05,3

10”: 13,4 (+8,1)

12”: 20,2 (+6,8)

14”: 25,9 (+5,7)

16”: 31,4 (+5,5)

18”: 36,8 (+5,4)

20”: 42,1 (+5,3)

22”: 47,6 (+5,5)

24”: 53,3 (+5,7)

26”: 59,7 (+6,4)

28”: 66,3 (+6,6)


Glad to see the new bows. They are wonderful as usually. Was worried since there hadn’t been one for a while.

Thanks Michael,
had some trouble with health things, but are in better constitution now.
Hope I can continue, I have a good pile of staves waiting …

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