osage static recurve from junk 63#/29″, (No. 11)

This piece of osage was laying around in my shop for years. It was a leftover from a regular stave, very thin in the middle (handle) and lot of deep cracks. there are also several groups of pin knots to manage. Some time ago I decided to give it a try. Steamed the recurves in, strengthened with horn wedges (inserts), heat corrected string alignment and side profile, filled the drying cracks with thin super glue, put on a wrapping over a violated area and glued on two pieces of bloodwood at the handle area to stiffen it up (red pieces running out under the black handle leather. Handle leather was also a rest of black completed with a rest of a brown, simply glued on with double-adhesive tape. Horn tips are buffalo, string bridges are leather soaked in superglue. Everything was laying around under the workbench, really no invest except the string.

cross section is nearly rectangular, running in triangular fades and levers. this bow is a wonderful smooth shooter, because of the length and the recurves. No stack, no handshock – my momentary favorite for target shooting. She’s 66″ ntn.

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