Osage character recurve 51#/28″ (No. 128)

This bow comes from a marginal stave, but full of character (or imperfections in other words). It needed some heating and steaming sessions for corrections. Here is the documentation of the process. In the end it is now a fine bow with a lot of character remaining, what makes the tiller looking weird from some angles. But it is well balanced, no twist in the handle while bracing or drawing. It is fumed for a week.

The fades are asymmetric at belly, due they have opposing angles at the back. Belly is flat in the bending parts and follows with valleys the mountains on the back.

The handle is upholstered with cork in portions. Black goat leather and kangaroo lacing makes a comfortable grip. First I had the idea of a horn or bone inlay for arrow pass, but rejected as the fade was very narrow and tolerates no further weakening.

A side splinter at lower fade had to be glued back with epoxi, a hemp wrapping hides that spot. The same on upper fade is just for symmetry aesthetic.

On the tips is an overlay from bone (cow), it is a bit dyed with osage soup & fuming left over.

ntn: 58½”

bh: 5¼”

mass: 569 gram


max. w.: 1½”

reflex: 2½”

08”: 05,0

10”: 11,3 (+ 6,3)

12”: 16,3 (+ 5,0)

14”: 20,6 (+ 4,3)

16”: 24,8 (+ 4,2)

18”: 28,9 (+ 4,1)

20”: 33,0 (+ 4,1

22”: 37,2 (+ 4,2)

24”: 41,5 (+ 4,3)

26”: 46,0 (+ 4,5)

28”: 50,7 (+ 4,7)

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