Ash flatbow with painted back, 55#/26″ (No. 54)

I have seen some ‚great basin bows‘ awhile and had those in mind when doing this one. Don’t know if I’m on the right track, but anyway it turned out as a sweet shooting flatbow. Design is a bendy handle, moderate flipped tips, flat belly, symmetrical. It got tiny pin self nocks.
The back is painted with homemade paint from earth pigments and hide glue. It came out very clean and didn’t look how I wanted it. So I did some antiquing. After a second layer of paint with avoiding ruler like lines it looked already much better. Next was particular sanding and rubbing on some brown pigments as a patina. At least a particular heating brought a very rustic ‚used‘ optic.
Handle is simple wrapped buckskin, two leather strips glued on the belly makes a deeper grip.
Length is 54½”
Mass is 495 grams


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