yew west coast paddle 58#/22″ (No. 26)

Got a yew (3“ diam., 45“ long) with very wide rings, so semi good bowwood. I decided, to give up my first idea – cutting billets – , but give a west coast paddle a try …
I cut out the middle section of the diameter with the sap on, limbs are 3” at the widest part – you can see the sapwood there. Steps: rough shaping paddle, cross section is a very wide oval, steam bending recurves, 2 layers of sinew, painted with a mixture of hide glue and earth pigments.
This bow has a high reflex of 6” and a heavy string tension at brace.

species: yew
length ntn: 43.5”
braceheight: 5¼“
drawlength: 22”
drawweight: 52 lbs
mass: 520 gram total
w/d at handle: 34/15 mm
w/d at fade: 51/14 mm (below fur)
w/d at midlimb:   78/9 mm
w/d at tip:   22/11 mm (below silencer)
stiff parts:   about 1,5” end of limbs
backing: 2 layers sinew
recurves: static, short
tips: self tips with sinew wrapping
handle: buck skin wrapping, otter fur
painting: earth pigments
silencers: otter fur

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