Osage 5curve with pronounced curves 52 #/28” (No. 99)

Nice clean stave, but had some drying cracks on the belly. I filled them with thin super glue – no problems.

All curves are steamed in. In this case a bit more pronounced than on the two bows before. Fades got tapering out ridges.

Black goat leather and linen for the handle, black buffalo horn for tip overlays.



ntn: 59”

bh: 5⅛

max w: 1¼”

mass: 506 grams


stiff handle



08”: 06,0

10”: 11,4 (+ 5,4)

12”: 15,9 (+ 4,5)

14”: 20,0 (+ 4,1)

16”: 24,5 (+ 4,5)

18”: 28,5 (+ 4,0)

20”: 32,8 (+ 4,3)

22”: 37,5 (+ 4,7)

24”: 42,3 (+ 4,8)

26”: 47,1 (+ 4,8)

28”: 52,0 (+ 4,9)



Ah Marlen, haven’t heard from you for a long time.
Good to have you here on my site, thanks for your nice compliment

Yes its has been awhile. I have been busy with work and all. I still have managed to make a few bows, and hopefully soon I will be posting them on the Primitive Archer website. I love these 5 curve bows. I seen bow No. 101 another sweet bow.

One day I will own one of your bows I don’t know how or when. But my Native instincts are telling me this. LOL

Very nice work my friend! Keep cranking out these lovely bows.

hi stone hill I would be interested in buying your bow. I should use it for hunting, I had in mind a bow 66 “lenght, 55 lb @ 30 with an arrow shelf recurve if is possible. could you recommend some of your hunting models? thanks and good job

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