Osage ALB from billets 53#/30″ (No. 135)

This American Longbow is made from sister billets. They weren’t thick enough at handle section, so I glued on an additional piece from a leftover from the same billet and a shaped leather is glued on the back (under the cord wrap).

Tip overlays and arrow pass is horn, no shelf. Cross section is a D, tapering to a triangle at tips.

At the upper tip was a little hole, just suitable for a string keeper. A glued in brass nail wrapped with brass wire prevents string slipping down.

No steam and no heat on this bow, string alignment is done with the splice job.

Limbs are same length, bow is symmetrical. Bow is straight, no reflex.

dw/dl: 53#/30”

ntn: 70”

bh: 5 ½”

max. w.: 1 ¼“

mass: 578 gram

08”: 05,2

10”: 11,0 (+5,8)

12”: 15,8 (+4,8)

14”: 20,0 (+4,2)

16”: 23,8 (+3,8)

18”: 27,6 (+3,8)

20”: 31,4 (+3,8)

22”: 35,2 (+3,8)

24”: 39,1 (+3,9)

26”: 43,2 (+4,1)

28”: 47,8 (+4,6)

30” 52,6 (+4,8)


Sooooo happy to see you posted a few new bows!!

Love this ALB! I made an Osage ALB a few months ago…it turned out well, but I think it’s a little too heavy. I trapped the limbs more than any other bow I have built, but still too heavy.

I really like the fairly narrow 1.25” width you chose for this bow. I need to keep that in mind (my ALB is around 1.35 to 1.4”).

Again, glad to see your latest work!!

thanks for your nice words!
I will do my best to keep my posting more regular.
Your bow: I dunno know about the cross section you’ve made, I assume it looks like a trapezoid.
If so, just round the edges to go with a D – shape for weight reducing.

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