Osage bushbow r/d 77#/28″ (No. 113)

I made this bow already some time ago, just refreshed the finish and the handle. And yes, it’s me in that fd pic – the pic was taken before my health issues. I thought it is a good comparison to the bow before which is 76#/26″, but a total different design.

This bow is made out from an extraordinary piece of wood, very homogenous, no knots, no pins, rings of same thickness (see fades). It needed some heat corrections for string alignment. The recurves/reflex and the deflex curves are steamed in, resulting in a netto zero reflex over all. Handle front and tips are laying in a line. This bow produces a lot of early drawweight

This is one of my best and one of my fastest bows, shooting consistently over 185 fps with a 9.8 gpp stick.

I call her a hunting bow, she could left braced the whole day long without a noticeable stringfollow when unbraced. She is short and maneuverable in thickets. Overbuilt outers are stable and save for hard use in the bush (I’m pretty sure there are some more fps if narrowing the outers). And she shoots … mh, let’s say how I like it.

The small rounded tips are buffalo.
Arrow pass is seal fur, silencers are otter fur.
Grip leather is buck with finger guides (underlays) for an every time right position.

She shows a nice ring pattern on the fades, reminding me on sound waves – so she got the name ‘ECHO’. Thought the ziczac stitchingsis matching that name.


dw/dl: 77#/28”
ntn: 59”
bh: 6”
max. w.: 1⅝“
reflex: 0

mass: 558 gram


08”: 07,3
10”: 16,1 (+8,8)
12”: 23,3 (+7,2)
14”: 30,0 (+6,7)
16”: 36,5 (+6,5)
18”: 43,0 (+6,5)
20”: 49,5 (+6,5)
22”: 56,1 (+6,6)
24”: 62,8 (+6,7)
26”: 69,8 (+7,0)
28”: 77,2 (+7,4)


Really nice bow Simon! I love the early draw weight and smooth draw of those rd’s! Can’t pull that #77 though;-)
Hope your health issues are getting better!

Beautiful bow! I truly wish I had your talent for making works of art and function. I live near Dallas Texas and was curious about shipping and how much this bow would be!

Thanks for your compliment Tenton,

and sorry, I don’t give this bow away, I have alredy shot it very often. it is one of my personal favorites.
Greets Simon

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