osage sinewed shorty with static recurves (No. 71)

Osage, 53“ long ntn, 56#/28“, sinewed with two layers, painted with earth pigments, no replica – just a short sinewed and painted static.

The making of is here!

I did some scetches before I painted the bow

The f/d pics are not the best but only opportunity to do it outside …




I rubbed in some dark brown pigments  in the finished dry painting and particularly sanded some paint of to get a ‘used’ look.
Here is the thunderbird motive on the upper limb:

And the lizard on the lower:

A sanding off at the edges can make some nice graphic effects:

On the sinew wrap are two different bright brown pigments, also slightly sanded – I like that look:

On the belly side are two identical hands one the lower and the upper limbs:

I found a nice leftover of a stingray leather, just enough to fit the handle. I rubbed in some brownish earth pigments to get to match with the painting. A light sanding over all brought out the bone pearl of this wonderful material:


Really nice bow, mate! I absolutely like the design of the paintings as well as the size of the bow at all!
The pictures of the bow’s details are superb. Can you tell me how you did the closeup of the stingray leather handle?

Thanks Marco,

the detail pics are done with a macro optic and a Nikon camera by my son Andi

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