Yew sap west coast style 32/26″ (No. 117)

I found this sliver of yew in the bio – junk container at the recycling yard. Someone had thrown it away, it was obviously from a dead standing tree. It has a violation from a chain saw on the back I couldn’t avoid – I “repaired” it with dyed glue and some sawdust. The bark popped off in nearly one piece and showed a rich colored back. When you look close you can see fungus attacked spots.

As it was mostly only sap wood, I went with a pronounced flat bow design. The tips were strengthened with a raw hide wrap to prevent the string cutting in (very soft wood). She got single notched tips.

Tillering that thing caused some problems because of twisted limbs and changing crown (convex/concave) on lower limb.

The bow turned out quite snappy, despite of only sap wood.

As said the back is nicely colored, but the belly was a bit boring. So I tried to give her some decoration with a west coast motive I found on a bow from the Grayson collection. The painting is done with earth pigments only, no industrial paint. A branding mark tells the right arrow position.

ntn: 50½”

bh: 5½”

dead straight, no reflex

mass: 266 gram

w max: 2”


bendy handle

08”: 04,3

10”: 07,9 (+ 3,6)

12”: 10,8 (+ 2,9)

14”: 13,7 (+ 2,9)

16”: 16,8 (+ 3,1)

18”: 19,8 (+ 3,0)

20”: 22,8 (+ 3,0)

22”: 25,8 (+ 3,0)

24”: 28,8 (+ 3,0)

26”: 32,3 (+ 3,5)

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