Sister statics (No. 73 + 74) part 1

osage static for Alfred - 1 von 1

The proud new owner in action ….

And here is the story:

Some time ago my friend Alfred asked me to make an osage static for him.

I found a nice stave, wide enough to split again but not deep enough for a stiff handle (what he requested). Well splitting and recurving went o.k. without any problems, but the stave was a very pronounced sabre. You can see it here:

After some side corrections and the blanks looked like this:

Assuming the wood quality is just the same on both, I thought it will be an interesting project to see two different weight bows coming out of this two sisters. Alfred wanted a 40-45 at his 26 draw. The second should be for me with a 65 at 28 draw. I worked on both and finished Alfred’s, mine still needs some tiller corrections and finish work, I will show it ilater when finished.
Both bows are worked on, pretty identical:
Same form recurves
Same handle stile
Same horn overlays and arrow pass

Different is:
The tips are a bit wider on mine
The heated in reflex is huge on mine (difficult to string)
Mine is now 50 grams = 1,76 oz heavier (will be less after tiller finish)

Here are some pics showing the diffs and the cons

Here is Alfred’s

61” ntn
44#/ 27”
1¼” max width
511 grams mass = 18 oz


Hallo Meister,

wie biegst Du denn diese Kurven?
Mit HLP, Dampf, oder kochst Du das Holz?

Grüße von Peter aus Wald

Servus Peter,
die recurves sind mit Dampf gebogen, je 20 min. Irgendwo bei den HowTo’s ist das setup zu sehen. Holz kochen mag ich nicht.

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