Hazel sapling flatbow HLD 49#/28″, (No.30)

Simple hazel stick, with natural grown 2″ setback handle, stave was exact 2″ in diameter. This stick came out of a bunch of hazel staves I used to have for working with kids. Most of that staves were debarked – some not. This caused the problem. Someday I noticed bugs/worms on the barked ones. I immediadetely worked down the bark and saw that the bugs have already violated the first ring in some areas.
I decided to ignore that and give it a try. And this came out:

design is a long fade,narrow handle, stiff tipped flatbow. this little sapling had a high crown, for this reason I did again a hollow limb design to avoid narrow high stressed limbs. The bow came out very clean with surprisingly little set. Hazel is not the first choice as bowwood, but I’m very pleased with the performance of this bow!

The bow is dyed with two colors (wet in wet), hemp handle wrapping also dyed, some cambium is left on the back to get the flickered appearance. Arrow pass is made of two color stone powder/epoxi, a little buildalong is posted a few weeks ago.

Overlays are cattle bone. String 6 strands 452X. Bow is 68″ ntn

No heat treating and no heat correction on that bow, was fun to make that one.

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