Nock, nock, nock

Here is a row of  nocks, with one or two pics each. If you like to see the bow just click on the number below and the bow thread will open up in a new tab.

Nr. 123
Nr. 126
Nr. 126
Nr. 127
Nr. 127
Nr. 128
Nr. 129
Nr. 130
Nr. 131
Nr. 132
Nr. 133
Nr. 134


Tim Davis

Thank you very much for your inspiration. I am working on a locust selfbow and found your photos looking for some ways to finish the nocks. Your photos, and your work is excellent.
I live here in Vermont, USA. If you are in need of staves let me know.
Although it looks like you have a. good supply.

    Simon Siess

    Thanks for your note, Tim. Nice you find my site helpful.
    No need for staves here – my garage is full, but thanks for your offer.
    Good luck on your project!

Kris Herman

Hello Simon,
I have been to your site many times for inspiration and ideas. Your attention to detail, your workmanship and creativity are second to none! Your analysis and record keeping of each and every bow is very „German“ (ha ha) and extremely helpful in understanding bow design and the characteristics that are represented by each. The photography, rich in texture and color, alone is a work of art. You tell your story well! Please, please…keep doing what you are doing! This is my happy place!
Fellow toxophilite from Wisconsin USA

    Simon Siess

    Thanks for your nice words!
    Guys like you make me doing all this stuff, my pleasure when you find my site helpful.

    And yep, my bows are ‚made in Germany‘, haha.

    I will continue the work as soon as possible (currently some health issues knocked me out).

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